Explora Patagonia Ushuaia desde Cerro Castor

Winter in Ushuaia,

Winter 2016 in Ushuaia is touching the end. Was a good Winter, but with no too much snow. Any way, was enought to hae a good season in Cerro Castor, and to run the famous Marcha Blanca. Now, the sping is full, and we are working in the first actions of the Three planting project […]

Explora Patagonia Whale Whatching in Peninsula Valdes

Whales arrive to Patagonia

This year the Whales are ariving to Peninsula Valdes very early, the first one are ariving on April, when normally the are arriving in may. The southern right whale watching is a unique magical show at the Valdés Peninsula. The City of Puerto Madryn is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations on […]