Explora Patagonia (The trip)

Patagonia is a wilderness land, with great contrasts and huge distances. In this journey we propose to take contact with outstanding attractions, visiting the landscape and practicing outdoor activities, in very close contact with wild nature.

This is the MAP of the visited points

Our trip is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience one of the world’s most pristine wilderness settings. In this two-weeks adventure trip, showing you the region’s highlights into one incredible journey:

  • Exploring Puerto Madryn & Puerto Deseado (the treasure trove of wildlife),
  • Encounter the Perito Moreno Glacier and hike El Chalten, and Glacier National Park.
  • Explore the human and natural History, in Cueva de las Manos and Bosque Petrificado (Stone forrest) National Park,
  • and Enjoying all with Outdoors activities.

We propose to discover the true nature of the secret within the Patagonia and his national parks. With our specialized guides it is possible to get to know in detail this paradise and enjoy the most incredibles adventures.

With years of local experience, we are the region’s best guides to reveal the extraordinary Patagonia, bringing you to our exclusive  itinerary which provide stunning views of Patagonia. Prepare to be awed. Discovering the landscapes & nature, by first hand: Diving, Watching, Kayaking, Ice Trekking, Navigations, Whale Watching, and More…You will be part of the action.

General Itinerary:


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